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Initiatives and Results

Ductless Heat Pumps

Posted on: 12/13/2018

Partners: CMC Energy, Franklin Energy and Mad Dash

This pilot tests high-performance, cold-climate mini-split ductless heat pumps for income eligible customers living in multifamily buildings in the ComEd market.

Income Eligible Program Design

Posted on: 12/13/2018

Partner: Franklin Energy Services

Franklin Energy is testing a variety of program design and outreach strategies to improve the delivery of ComEd’s single-family income eligible weatherization offering. The pilot brings together local community-based organizations to serve as trusted advisors to homeowners in Elgin, Joliet, Aurora and Rockford.

Total Connected Savings Thermostat Optimization

Posted on: 12/13/2018

Partners: Whisker Labs and Honeywell

ComEd and Nicor Gas are collaborating to test an over-the-air deployed algorithm that uses real-time weather data to convert connected thermostats to smart thermostats.

Seasonal Savings

Posted on: 12/13/2018

Partner: Nest Labs

Nest Labs is testing whether their Seasonal Savings schedule optimization program can save customers even more energy than a standard smart thermostat.

Commercial Geothermal Advancement

Posted on: 12/13/2018

Partners: AECOM, Geothermal Alliance of Illinois and University of Illinois Chicago Energy Research Center

This pilot creates a streamlined incentive for geothermal heat pump installations in the commercial, light industrial and public building sectors.

Ultra-High Efficiency Public Housing HVAC

Posted on: 12/13/2018

Partners: Franklin Energy, Gas Technology Institute and Rockford Housing Authority

This project tests new technologies with standard weatherization practices to reduce HVAC energy use in a public housing authority complex by up to 50 percent.

LED Holiday Light Exchange

Posted on: 12/13/2018

Partner: CLEAResult

This pilot offers customers the opportunity to exchange their traditional holiday light strands for energy-efficient LED holiday lights.

Energy-Water Nexus

Posted on: 12/13/2018

Partners: Elevate Energy

Elevate Energy is exploring the value of energy savings from water conservation to discover new energy efficiency measures that could help ComEd customers save water.

Passive House

Posted on: 10/31/2018

Partners: Seventhwave and Latin United Community Housing Association (LUCHA)

This pilot studies the energy savings and non-energy benefits of the Passive House standard in affordable, new construction multifamily buildings.

Synchronous Motors

Posted on: 10/31/2018

Partners: Seventhwave and QM Power

This pilot studies the energy savings and demand reduction from retrofitting refrigerated cases and walk-in coolers with synchronous motors.

Adsorbent Air Cleaner

Posted on: 10/31/2018

Partners: Seventhwave and enVerid

This pilot assesses the energy and indoor air quality impacts of the HVAC Load Reduction Module manufactured by enVerid, a new technology that filters, cleans and recycles indoor air to reduce a building’s need for energy-intensive ventilation.

Save and Share

Posted on: 10/31/2018

Partners: EnergySavvy, MeterGenius and Faith in Place

The Save and Share mobile app allows users to share their energy savings with community organizations and provide up-to-date energy data to customers.