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Initiatives and Results

Savings for Seniors

Partner: Green Home Experts

This outreach strategy pilot involves establishing partnerships with senior care agencies to better reach income eligible senior customers with energy efficiency measures.

Retrofit Chicago Roadmapping 2.0

Partner: AECOM

Building on the 2012 Gateway Energy Roadmaps developed for customers participating in the Chicago Energy Retrofit Challenge, AECOM is developing and testing an improved Energy Roadmap process to help customers achieve facility energy savings.

Income Eligible Needs Assessment

Partner: Evergreen Economics

This research project surveys and assesses income eligible residential customers with high energy usage to identify customer needs and factors that limit access to ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program offerings.

Home Energy Monitor Disaggregation Tool

Partner: Bidgely

This pilot tested the Bidgely Home Energy Monitor application for behavioral change in residential customers.

Residential Real Estate Opportunities

Partners: Elevate Energy, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

This pilot trains real estate professionals in energy efficiency practices, as well as tests a residential home energy scorecard to provide further energy information to prospective homebuyers.

Healthy Homes

Partners: Elevate Energy, Presence Health Systems, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

This pilot targets income eligible multifamily residences with high numbers of severe asthma patients, conducting assessments for asthma triggers and energy efficiency opportunities in customer units.

Energy Efficiency in Two-Unit Buildings

Partner: Elevate Energy

This market assessment of small residential buildings in the ComEd® service territory with a focus on two-unit buildings will identify new energy-saving opportunities for retrofits and new construction.

Energy Needs Assessment for Public Housing

Partner: SEDAC

For this research project, SEDAC is conducting an energy efficiency needs assessment to identify barriers to public housing authority engagement and implementation and to develop solutions to increase participation in and savings from energy efficiency programs.


Partners: Slipstream, Faith in Place

Slipstream and Faith in Place are partnering with community organizations to recruit and train residents to become trusted energy advisors in their neighborhoods.

Variable Frequency Drives for Refrigerator Condenser Fans

Partner: Slipstream

This pilot studied the energy and performance impacts of adding variable frequency drives (VFDs) to refrigeration system condenser fans in supermarkets.

Breathe Easy

Partners: Elevate Energy, Illinois Institute of Technology

Initially funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, this study investigates the health impacts of installing mechanical ventilation systems in the homes of income eligible customers.

BIT Building Neighborhood Project

Partners: Slipstream, Southface, Illinois Green Alliance, Environmental Defense Fund

Using the BIT Building standard as the basis of a workforce training program, the BIT Neighborhood project is increasing the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings in income eligible communities.