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Project Launch: 08/01/2021
Income Eligible

Partners: Elevate, Slipstream

This project is a field evaluation of installed heat pump equipment as part of the full electrification of an affordable multi-family building in Chicago.


ComEd is supporting monitoring and analysis of new heat pump equipment installed as part of a full electrification demonstration at an affordable multi-family building in a Chicago neighborhood. All existing gas ranges, domestic hot water heaters and gas furnaces will be retrofitted with electric ranges, clothes dryers, heat pumps and heat pump water heaters in the selected building. The project team recruited tenants from nine of the eleven rented units in the building to participate in monitoring to assess how the electrification retrofits impact energy savings, utility bills and indoor air quality. Monitoring equipment was installed in each of the nine units at least two months prior to the retrofit and will collect and analyze the pre- and post-installation monitoring data.