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Project Launch: 08/01/2020

Partner: Slipstream

The project team is conducting research to determine whether and how cold-climate variable refrigerant flow systems could become an impactful ComEd Energy Efficiency Program measure.


Variable refrigerant flow systems allow for varying degrees of heating and cooling in certain areas of a building, reducing energy consumption. Recent advances in cold-climate variable refrigerant flow systems (ccVRF) allow this technology to be viable in northern Illinois, providing buildings with energy savings, space savings and cooling in places where there was only heating beforehand.

The project team will examine the current state of the market for ccVRF. They will conduct a product and service provider review, including a comparison of the supply chain network between urban and rural areas. They will also review likely building types and applications of ccVRF through a market assessment, and conduct initial energy, baseline and economic analysis of the technology.