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Project Launch: 08/01/2021
Cross Cutting

Partners: Resource Innovations, Nicor

This project is a collaboration between utilities to assess the existing thin triple-pane window market in ComEd's service territory.


Thin triple-pane windows (TTW) are currently the most energy-efficient commercially available windows on the market; they well out-perform single- and double-pane versions in energy and cost savings. Roughly 30% of homes do not currently have double or triple pane windows. At 12% savings per home and 2% market share, the total market savings potential for TTW in ComEd's service territory is 14.3 GWh.

This project seeks to qualitatively estimate the market size and potential for TTW technology in ComEd's service territory. The project team will also identify drivers and market barriers for thin triple-pane windows and use qualitative findings from this study to potentially inform the scope of quantitative research in the next phase of this research. Key market actors such as manufacturers, installers, homeowners, homebuilders and more will be interviewed to qualitatively assess the TTW market in ComEd’s service territory.